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Just a short story

To start off with, I blame both cadkitten and a song by Lady Gaga called Bad Romance for this story.

So, with that explained, enjoy!

Also note, this has not been beta read yet, anyone interested, let me know, I would like to post it elsewhere if I can.

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Songs seem to sneak up on me

I'm certainly missing someone with brown eyes. More than I can possibly say..

On another note, making another move, to Oklahoma. Things aren't working out here in Calfornia with the job market being so poor and millions of dollars in debt. so, here's hoping that it'll be nicer there.


May. 4th, 2009


Dir en grey in Dallas!

They were AMAZING. I really enjoyed the show and had alot of fun. It was sad because a buddy of mine wasn't able to make it from California, but a girl from work decided to come out with me instead. She wasn't into them, but is very open to seeing any band. In the end it turned out she really enjoyed them alot! xDD And apparently found all the sexy dancing Kyo has become so fond of doing very sexy. >> So the next time they come out she'd like to come with me. So yay! Got a friend and saw my favorite band! <33

So anyway, got about five rows away from the front of the show, on Kaoru's side, so I could see him, Toshiya, and Kyo the entire time while they played. I didn't get to see alot of Die, but he did come over for a while to give us some love. He was looking just as sexy as all the guys...but maybe alittle thin. D:

And because I'm new to the state, I didn't know they dont get mad about cameras, so I couldn't get any shots of them, but I do have some other picturs here!

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DBSK + Pictures


Life is good

Despite the fact that I'm not able to attend University until this spring because of the car situation, but its alright. I have a nice paying job thats earning my money to get to Puerto Rico this year in December so I can see the most important thing in my life right now. That and my favorite band Dir en grey is coming out here in November, so I look forward to seeing them live with a friend who intends on coming from California to see them with me. So, despite some things kind of sucking, life is good. ^^ Really good.

Yaoi-con 07

So i'm heading out to Yaoi-con 07 Friday morning with a couple of buds, one of them being tempglitch, so if anyone who watches me happens to come out to the con should stop by the artists area. She'll be there and trust me, people, her art is to die for.

I'm also going to be looking for a comic called Viewfinder for my lovely friend seinen_no because she rules a part of my soul with her amazing writer skills and the ungodly way she seems to have something everytime I ask her... so i'm pretty much at her biding. XD I hope I can find it for her, because i've also been looking for the first volume. So here's to finding it~

But the one thing that sucks is that I may not have access to the computer for the whole weekend, including tomorrow night..so I wont be on for a while. I'm hoping to have good news and great pictures when I return. <3


Sep. 12th, 2007

Character Quizzes 2

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Sep. 1st, 2007

Taken from a friend’s journal. I decided to do it too. XD These are all original characters to be featured in a story of mine, but I need to get around to posting sometime. XD But here's four of the most important characters though out the story(s).

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Woah, shit.

So things have been going really fast around here. I've recently joined a group every thrusday night that works with comic books, writing as well as drawing them. For once I feel like I really want to get all these characters i've got in my brain onto paper and get my ass to drawing pages.

We'll see how it goes. Its just nice to get a day out of the week to see my closest buddies.

And speaking of them, a few of us are going to Santa Cruz this weekend, a city I haven't been to since I was a young creature. Its nice because the friend who took me then (Love ya, buddy!) is going this time, so we can relive all those silly memories. I'm thinking I might post some pics while we're there and make a journal about it. We'll see how it goes.

I'm also working on a KaoruxDie fic at the moment and i'm going to try and get the first chapter before I leave for the bay area. Maybe the second one too, depending on how much time I have about it.

Either way, be looking out for updates for me! <3 I promise not to disappoint. I've got a couple people watching me on here, so I better not. XD

Ja ne!